Ordering TOP Server

Select the specific Industries Suites, Driver Suites and/or Drivers and Plug-ins for Your Project

The TOP Server product line is priced based on which driver or “Suite” of drivers that you want to use. We offer perpetual (own it) and subscription (pay each year) license types. Licenses are for use on a single computer with no artificial licensing limits on the number of tags, devices, or clients using the TOP Server.  Some premium drivers offer lower entry level price points with limited device counts.  If no device count is listed in the driver name in the individual driver suites list below, then there are no artificial limits. 

If you have one TOP Server driver or Suite of drivers and want to add more later, you can do so by simply purchasing the license for the additional driver or Suite and installing it on the same computer. For more licensing details visit the TOP Server Licensing Details Page

For international pricing, please contact your local distributor - Contact us if you need distributor information for your area.

Vertical Industry Suites

These packages combine the most commonly used drivers for a variety of industries into a single bundle that is easy to install and offers a significant cost savings compared to individual purchases.

  • Manufacturing Suite - Over 100 of the most common device drivers for manufacturing applications in a bundle that costs less than 3 driver suites purchased separately.  Our most popular options and best value.
  • Oil & Gas Suite - 18 drivers commonly used in upstream, downstream and midstream applications (Real-time only / Non-EFM)
  • Power & Utilities Suite - 10 drivers commonly used in power generation, transmission and distribution applications
  • IT & Infrastructure Suite - 8 drivers commonly used in IT/Data Center/Network Infrastructure Monitoring applications
  • Building Automation Suite - 7 drivers for facilities, HVAC, building management and security monitoring applications

For traditional drivers and drivers suites by manufacturer and/or protocol, as well as, functional plug-ins, review the comprehensive listing below.  Click the selection you're interested in for more detailed information or click Buy Now to purchase.

Need Help Deciding or Need to Upgrade to Latest Version? 

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Individual Driver Suites - Prices Shown are a Perpetual (own it) License type. Subscription available upon request.

For more information visit the TOP Server Licensing Details Page


Quick Facts

  • Product licenses are perpetual licenses. You own the license once purchased under the terms of the End User License Agreement.
  • The only annual recurring cost is your support and maintenance agreement renewal which, although not required, is highly recommended to assure compatibility with the latest Windows technology, access to the latest features and enhancements, and access to our technical support team.
  • Upgrading or Reinstating Support? No problem, contact us for a quote, just provide your license details from the Licensing Utility
  • Looking for a licensing option not show? Contact us to discuss your project and receive a quote.
  • Visit our licensing details page for more information

Need Help?

  • First review our licensing details page 
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Get Started Now

The demo is the full product once licensed. Once a client application connects to the  TOP Server, the TOP Server runtime will operate for 2 hours at a time. At the end of the 2 hour demo period, the demo timer must be reset by restarting the TOP Server runtime service.

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