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Modbus TCP Ethernet Key Features Include

  • Maximum Number of Channels & Devices: 
    • Channels - 1024
    • Devices per Channel - 8192
    • NOTE: Practical channel/device limits will vary depending on your available system resources
  • Automatic Tag Database Generation (from Concept or ProWORX)
  • Supports Modicon Ethernet to Modbus Plus bridging
  • Supports Multiple or Single socket usage for optimized gateway resource management
  • Supports Word Order and Byte Order Swapping
  • Supports User Definable Block Sizes

Standard Modbus TCP Ethernet Features Include

  • Modbus Function Codes Supported: (Blog post - demystifying Modbus Function Codes)
    • Decimal - 01, 02, 03 ,04, 05, 06, 08, 16
    • Hexadecimal - 01, 02, 03 ,04, 05, 06, 08, 10
  • Full Address Range Support (up to 65,535):
    0xxxx - Output Coils, 1xxxx - Input Coils, 3xxxx - Internal Registers, 4xxxx - Holding Registers
  • Decimal or Hex Addressing Support
  • Supports all memory types and data types including as Word, Float, Long, and Double
  • String Data Type support for Internal Registers
  • String Block Read Support
  • Base Modbus device model supports 32-Bit Data Types as Two Registers
  • Modbus Bridging/Routing to Modbus Plus, RTU, & ASCII supported
  • DNS Naming support for Device IDs
  • Automatic Tag Database Generation using CSV Import
  • Supports dynamic tags from your client application
  • Configurable Inter-request delay


Modbus TCP Ethernet Advanced Features Include

  • Applicom device model for use of Applicom-type address syntax with 3 Sub-Models (See Applicom Addressing in Modbus Ethernet Help File for details)
  • Address-level Byte and/or Word Switching Modifiers (Applicom Models Only)
  • Adjustable Address Base (0 or 1)
  • Selectable Function Code for Single Address Writes
  • Word Order Swapping for 32-Bit Data Types and Byte Order Swapping for 16-Bit and 32-Bit Data Types
  • User Definable Read Block Sizes
  • Holding register memory as string data (HiLo or LoHi byte order)
  • Automatic Tag Database Generation (from Concept or ProWORX)
  • Optimized communications allow each device to have a separate thread/channel of communications (up to 1024 devices)
  • Configure up to 10 TCP sockets per device, maximizing throughput for devices supporting multiple socket connections
  • Channel Serialization (Virtual Channels allow multi-protocol support on the same communication channel)
  • Specify a Network Interface Card at the channel level (Details)
  • Modbus Server support using loopback address or local PC IP Address
  • User-selectable socket connection termination on device response timeout
  • Support for expanded blocking modes for CEG device mode
  • Supports Advanced Statistics Tags, including _CommFailures and _ErrorResponses

Modbus TCP Ethernet Supported Devices

  • Applicom
    • Generic Modbus
    • TSX Premium
    • TSX Quantum
  • Fluenta FGM
  • Instromet
  • Mailbox
  • Modbus Ethernet
  • Roxar RFM
  • Modbus TCP Clients
  • Modbus TCP to Modbus Plus Gateways

For full details on models and networks supported visit the Modbus Suite Supported Devices page and consult the driver help file.

Modbus TCP Ethernet Supported Protocols / Networks

  • Modbus TCP/Ethernet
  • TCP/IP Ethernet (including Ethernet Cellular Modems)

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