TOP Server Works with a Wide Range of Automation Software

Connect your industrial automation clients to more device types

TOP Server works with a large variety of industrial automation and control software. This gives you the flexibility to connect to your hardware systems with TOP Server's hundreds of driver options and bring that data back to almost any software system you might need to for meeting your business goals.

The following sections highlight the various different clients and types of software that can connect to TOP Server - click the links in each section to find out more.

If you haven’t used the TOP Server before, take a few minutes to watch our Quick Start video.

TOP Server works with AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) software solutions

Software Toolbox has provided AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) users, integrators, OEMs, and channel partners in over 100 countries with best-in-class connectivity solutions since 1996.

With an integrated SuiteLink interface, no OI Gateway or FSGateway is required to get your InTouch, System Platform, Historian, MES and other SuiteLink capable solutions connected to a wide range of additional device types. Connect to TOP Server the same way you would to any native AVEVA OI, DA or IO servers.

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TOP Server works with your historians and logging applications

Another common use for TOP Server is with Historian & Logging software packages to provide access to process and production data. This is especially true in facilities with multiple Historian & Logging software solutions. TOP Server provides a single source of process data for historization, trending, reporting and more from the widest variety of device types.

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TOP Server works with your HMIs and SCADAs

TOP Server is frequently used with HMI/SCADA software packages to provide read/write access to process and production data. Having multiple HMI/SCADA software products in a single facility is quite common, and system integrators often must be skilled in multiple products. As such, it is important that the communications software you choose works with as many HMI and SCADA solutions as possible.

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TOP Server works with your MES systems

TOP Server provides expanded device and system connectivity options for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). MES systems supporting OPC UA, OPC DA and/or AVEVA SuiteLink for connecting to other systems commonly use TOP Server for integrating process devices and systems.

Digital MES systems are generally tasked with reducing production costs by increasing throughput, reducing scrap and rework and providing higher quality products all through interfacing with a wide variety of disparate systems across one or multiple sites. TOP Server offers a unified data source for MES systems for integrating those disparate systems.

OPC Clients/Servers

TOP Server supports server-side interfaces for the OPC Classic Data Access (DA) industry standards as well as OPC Unified Architecture (DA Profile) and OPC .NET 3.0 with any driver license. OPC Classic Alarms and Events are also supported for the Event Log (Simple Events only - other OPC AE data requires the OPC Alarms & Events plug-in).

TOP Server also provides an OPC Classic Historical Data Access (HDA) interface when using the TOP Server Local Historian plug-in for low volume historical data storage up to 10,000 tags (requires at least one communication driver for data collection).

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OPC UA Clients/Servers

The TOP Server OPC UA server interface supports the Data Access profile of the OPC Unified Architecture standard. The TOP Server UA interfaces were tested and certified by the OPC Foundation test lab.

And the TOP Server OPC Client Driver Suite includes the OPC UA Client driver for providing connectivity to other OPC UA server data sources for non-OPC UA capable client applications (including OPC DA and SuiteLink clients).

So, since TOP Server can act as both an OPC UA client and server, it will work with virtually any OPC UA client and server applications for flexible integration options.

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TOP Server works with OPC AE clients

TOP Server supports OPC Classic Alarms & Events (AE) for providing process data alarms and events to OPC AE capable client applications. There are two different tiers of OPC AE support available for TOP Server:

  1. OPC AE Simple Events - included with any TOP Server at no additional cost, OPC AE simple events provide TOP Server Event Log information to OPC AE client applications.
  2. OPC AE Plug-In - an optional TOP Server plug-in requiring an additional license, this plug-in is necessary for specifying alarm and event condition on any device data being collected with any other TOP Server driver.

The OPC AE server interface is configured in the TOP Server Project Properties.

TOP Server works with OPC HDA clients

The TOP Server Local Historian plug-in is a local data store for capturing historical information in an easy to configure, flexible, open and cost-effective solution that exposes historical buffered data via OPC HDA to any OPC HDA capable client applications.

Many customers sometimes have a need for a smaller historian application that is easy to configure, flexible and cost-effective to complement an enterprise level historian solution in certain situations. The TOP Server Local Historian plug-in is NOT intended as a replacement or substitute for a full-blown, enterprise-level historian solution.

The OPC HDA server interface is configured in the TOP Server Project Properties. The interface also supports OPC Diagnostics for troubleshooting purposes.

TOP Server works with OPC .NET clients

TOP Server is also an OPC .NET 3.0 (formerly OPC Xi) server. The OPC .NET 3.0 standard is the product of collaboration among several OPC Foundation member companies from the process industry to develop an easily integrated and secure solution for communications to process industry systems, though it can be used for any industry.

OPC .NET 3.0 uses .NET technologies and the Windows Communications Framework (WCF) for implementation of its interfaces (as opposed to COM/DCOM like OPC Classic standards).

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TOP Server works with iFIX PDB clients

TOP Server supports native PDB/NIO interface connectivity from GE iFIX client applications. GE iFix PDB/NIO is the native communication method defined by GE Fanuc and used in GE (Proficy) iFIX for connecting its Process Database to a data collection server. PDB/NIO is a local connection only and does not depend on OPC or DDE.

TOP Server must be installed on the same machine as the GE iFIX client software and the "GE iFIX Native Interface" must be selected from the "Native Client Interfaces" during the TOP Server installation process.

TOP Server works with DDE clients and servers

TOP Server provides DDE connectivity to legacy DDE client applications that don’t support more current methods of data transfer. DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) is a Microsoft technology that is largely considered to be a legacy interface in lieu of more secure and efficient methods like OPC. The TOP Server Alias Map lets you create more user-friendly and descriptive topics for use in your DDE Client applications.

In addition to being a DDE server, TOP Server can also act as a DDE client to legacy DDE data sources when using the optional DDE Client driver. This provides non-DDE clients requiring an OPC or SuiteLink connection to still access legacy DDE data sources.

TOP Server works with Visual Studio .NET

The best way to get TOP Server information into your custom Visual Studio.NET project is via OPC. Whether you want to use OPC DA technology using COM interfaces or the latest OPC UA, the best method to use is an off-the-shelf .NET development product for OPC connectivity which is tested and supported.

OPC Data Client is a 100% managed .NET tool for developing OPC DA, OPC UA and OPC A&E client applications, with native support for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems in Visual Studio .NET Winform or Webform applications.

Need to make TOP Server configuration changes from a .NET applications? Click here for details on the TOP Server Configuration API

TOP Server works with Terminal Services

TOP Server works with Microsoft Terminal Services (i.e. Remote Desktop, etc). It is common for TOP Server users to remotely access and configure their projects using terminal service methods.

It is important to note that it is possible for multiple users to access the same machine using terminal services. It is also possible for multiple users to access the same TOP Server configuration in this fashion. The first user to log in and access TOP Server on a particular machine will be granted read/write permissions. Any subsequent users will have read only permissions until the original user logs off.

Current read/write access for your user can be confirmed in the TOP Server Event Log at the bottom of the configuration window.

TOP Server works with other technologies

Once you have the TOP Server, you can connect to almost anything and, for situations that are less common, Software Toolbox can provide additional products to get your TOP Server connected. You gain our world class support and knowledge of how the applications work together, reducing integration time, risk, and cost. 

TOP Server has been tested and approved with Stratus Technologies fault tolerant ftServer systems and everRun software (formerly Marathon Technologies) for high availability applications.

TOP Server is also commonly used with the Cogent DataHub for projects requiring other flexible functionality such as Linux or QNX system connectivity, IoT, data aggregation, data bridging, connecting camera system and so much more. 

Need to integrate with SAP, ERP, REST, SOAP?  The OPC Router with it's visual workflow engine gets the job done.

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The demo is the full product once licensed. Once a client application connects to the  TOP Server, the TOP Server runtime will operate for 2 hours at a time. At the end of the 2 hour demo period, the demo timer must be reset by restarting the TOP Server runtime service.

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