Lab Certified for Reliable OPC UA Client & Server Interoperability

Standards-based connectivity for OPC UA (Data Access Profile) client applications

TOP Server supports the Data Access profile of the OPC Unified Architecture standard as an OPC UA Server and OPC UA Client.  All TOP Servers natively include the OPC UA Server interface at no added cost. Enable the interface and you're ready for any OPC UA Client to connect to TOP Server.

TOP Server also supports the OPC Classic interfaces for DA, AE (when using the OPC Alarms & Events plug-in) and HDA (when using the Local Historian plug-in), as well as OPC .NET 3.0 / Xi, and Native interfaces and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

For details on how the OPC UA Server interface is configured, click here. The TOP Server UA interface was tested and certified by the OPC Foundation test lab.

Standards-based connectivity to other OPC UA data sources

Adding to the built in OPC UA Server interface, the separately licensed TOP Server OPC Client Driver Suite includes the OPC UA Client driver. Using the OPC UA Client driver, you can connect to other OPC UA servers to aggregate other OPC UA data sources and convert them to other interface standards.

This enables OPC DA, SuiteLink, iFix PDB and DDE client applications to still work even with OPC UA data sources without having to expend the effort and expense of upgrading or replacing those client applications.

The OPC UA Client driver supports the following OPC UA profiles in OPC UA Servers for data access:

  • Standard Server
  • Embedded UA Server
  • Nano Embedded Device Server
  • Micro Embedded Device Server

The birth of secure OPC without DCOM

In 2009, the OPC Foundation released its next generation interoperability standard, named OPC UA (Unified Architecture). This technology delivers the latest capabilities in Automation Data Transfer and addresses the need for highly secure, cross platform communications, the transmission of Information = Data + Context, and unifies the earlier specifications of OPC into one interface for all forms of information, Data Access, Alarms and Events and Historic Data Access. And all of this is accomplished with no reliance on DCOM for remote connection security.

Enhanced performance, reliability, diagnostics capabilities and future compatibility with additional OPC UA profiles ensure the TOP Server OPC UA interface is ready for the future as OPC UA adoption continues to increase in the automation world.

Features & Benefits of OPC UA

As an initiative started in 2004 by the OPC Foundation and a group of its members (including Software Toolbox), OPC UA was developed to address the current and future needs for secure information transfer in the automation world.

  • Deliver a technology portable to a wide range of operating systems and technology platforms (i.e. not dependent on Microsoft like OPC Classic)
  • Adopting a security standard familiar to IT professionals
  • Enable communications in the broadest possible scenarios – not just between computers in an automation facility, but across the Internet, even in business-to-business or device-to-device scenarios
  • Firewall friendly and easy to manage without sacrificing security, encryption and authentication measures.

Independent OPC lab testing and certification to ensure compatibility and performance

At the highest level, because TOP Server is powered by Kepware technology, and Kepware has taken its OPC Server products to the OPC Foundation’s Independent Test Lab, TOP Server maintains a current OPC Independent Test Lab Certification for the OPC UA interface for both the OPC UA server interface and OPC UA Client driver.

A comprehensive barrage of testing against the OPC UA standard insures that TOP Server is compatible with other OPC UA compliant clients and servers.

Get Started Now

The demo is the full product once licensed. Once a client application connects to the  TOP Server, the TOP Server runtime will operate for 2 hours at a time. At the end of the 2 hour demo period, the demo timer must be reset by restarting the TOP Server runtime service.

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