DataHub Connection & Configuration Security 

Restrict Connection & Data Access

Each DataHub interface point can be protected from intruders by assigning username and password validation. 

  • Password protect these connections: OPC UA, Tunnel/Mirror, TCP, WebView and Remote Config
  • Use custom groups to manage permissions efficiently, assigning users to groups
  • Control different types of user activity like reading and writing values, creating or deleting points, and more
  • Define read-only or read-write access as required
  • Specify security required for a connection to succeed

Restrict Remote Configuration Access

If you choose to use the remote configuration user interface locally or remotely, you can set permissions that control what features your users have access to, and layer that with the rest of the DataHub permissions to control who can configure the application.


Security Beyond Connections and Configuration 

When we discuss security and DataHub, the conversation often also turns to DataHub's ability to move data in firewall, DMZ, and Proxy friendly ways as well as enhance MQTT security. 

With DataHub there are many scenarios we can implement, even ones that create data movement without any inbound firewall ports on the control and business network sides, using DMZ's and DataHub's secure tunneling. 

DataHub is also able to address many of the security challenges associated with MQTT.

Secure Tunneling

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