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TOP Server Advanced Tags Key Features Include

  • Average Value Tags - computes the running average of a tag value
  • Maximum Value Tags - show the highest value for a selected tag
  • Minimum Value Tags - show the lowest value for a selected tag
  • Derived Value Tags - used to provide math and/or logic operations on one or more tag values
  • Link Tags - used to link data between different protocols, between different devices using the same protocol or between addresses on the same device
  • Oracle Cumulative Tags - returns the delta between the last value polled and the current value polled from a specific tag
  • Complex tags - used to group multiple tags of varying data types as a single complex structure
  • Supports the import and export of tag data in a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file

Advanced Tags Plug-In Advanced Features Include

    • Functions can be combined to perform complex math routines and evaluations including:
      • Arithmetic Operations - Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Modulo (remainder)
      • Functions - Absolute Value, Arc Cosine, Arc Sine, Arc Tangent, Cosine, Sine, Tangent, Power (exponential), Square Root
      • Logic - And, Equal To, Greater Than, Less Than, Not True, Or, etc.

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