FB-3000 Exporter Licensing and Pricing

The Software Toolbox FB-3000 Exporter is licensed based on the number of RTU's that you will be generating exports from.

Licenses are available as traditional perpetual + maintenance and support or annual subscription.

If you do not already own a license of the TOP Server DNP Suite or KEPServer DNP Suite, we can provide that bundled with the FB-3000 Exporter.


Quick Facts

  • Product licenses are perpetual licenses but subscription is available.
  • With a perpetual license, you own the license once purchased under the terms of the End User License Agreement.
  • On perpetual licenses, the only annual recurring cost is your support and maintenance agreement renewal, which is required for ongoing support, upgrades, and license transfer or re-activation in the event of a failed system.
  • Subscription licenses must be renewed each year and the price includes maintenance and support. 
  • You will be contacted 90 days prior to your support or subscription expiration to arrange for your renewal.

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Trial versions are available upon request and are limited in the number of times the application can be executed. Once licensed, limits are removed.

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