Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) AB Suite Supported Devices

Get Connected to Rockwell / Allen-Bradley(AB) PLC5/xx, SLC 5/xx, MicroLogix, Logix and Micro800 Family Processors

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The below table is meant to provide a high-level overview of the device types and families of devices supported by the AB Suite - it is not an all-inclusive list of every model due to the sheer volume of model variants for AB controllers. In general, if your controllers is a PLC5, SLC, MicroLogix, Logix (ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, etc) or Micro800, the AB Suite should be able to get you connected.

We always recommend taking advantage of the TOP Server Free Trial to get connected to your controllers prior to purchase to ensure your needs will be met.

Looking for DH+ Support? Allen-Bradley DH+ (DataHighway) driver support for in-computer cards was deprecated starting with TOP Server V6.10.623.0 due to lack of vendor support for OS level drivers. Click here for details on alternate methods for connecting to DataHighway capable Allen-Bradley controllers.

Column headers are drivers included in the TOP Server Rockwell/Allen-Bradley Suite license. 

ControlLogix Ethernet ControlLogix Unsolicited Ethernet Allen-Bradley Ethernet Allen-Bradley Unsolicited Ethernet Allen-Bradley DF1 Micro800 Ethernet Micro800

ControlLogix (All Models / Catalog Numbers):

  • 55xx
  • 1756-L7xx
  • 1756-L8xx
  • All Ethernet Modules (ENBT/ENET/ENx)
  • Serial Gateway

ControlLogix 5000 Simulated Controller

  • Single simulated Ethernet/IP module
  • Up to 16 simulated CPUs
  • CIP Data Table Reads/Writes from Logix controllers (Firmware Revision 16 or Higher)
PLC 5/xx (All Models excluding 5/250 series) PLC 2

PLC 5 Family
(All Models excluding 5/250 and 5/VME series)

  • 10 MB ENET Modules
  • 100 MB ENET Modules
Micro850 Micro850

CompactLogix (All Models / Catalog Numbers):

  • 1769-53xx
    • L1xx
    • L2xx
    • L3xx
  • 1768-54xx
    • L4xx
  • Serial Gateway
  SLC 5/05 PLC Family Configured for PLC 2 Type Commands (specialized ladder programming required) SLC 5/xx (All Models)   Micro830

FlexLogix (All Models / Catalog Numbers):

  • 1794-54xx
    • 1788-ENBT
    • 1761-NET-ENI
  • Serial Gateway
  Hardbook SoftPLC SLC Family Configured for PLC 2 Type Commands (specialized ladder programming required) SLC 5/04   Micro810

SoftLogix (All Models / Catalog Numbers):

  • 1789-58xx
    • L10
    • L30
    • L60
  • Serial Gateway
  Micro SoftPLC  

SLC 5/03


MicroLogix (All Models / Catalog Numbers):

  • 1761 NET-ENI
  • Onboard Ethernet Port
  • Ethernet/IP Gateway
  Smart SoftPLC   SLC 5/02 (via KF2 or KF3 Module)    

PLC 5/xx Family

  • DH+Gateway
  • 1761 NET-ENI
  • Ethernet/IP Gateway
      SLC 5/01 (via KF3 Module)    

PLC 5/xxC

  • ControlNet Gateway
  • 1761 NET-ENI

MicroLogix Family (All Models)


SLC 500 Modular I/O Models

  • DH+ Gateway
  • 1761-NET ENI
  • Ethernet/IP Gateway

Logix Family (with DF1 Ports)


SLC 500 Fixed I/O Models

  • 1761 NET-ENI
  • Ethernet/IP Gateway
      Micro800 Family    


(USB DF1 to DH+ Converter)


Important Notes:

  • The TOP Server ControlLogix Ethernet Driver specifies all Node IDs in Decimal format.  Rockwell software (RSLogix, etc.) specifies all Node IDs in Octal format, so please be aware that this conversion may be necessary when defining Device IDs in TOP Server.
  • It's also technically possible to use Logix routing syntax to perform ethernet-to-ethernet routing to a remote Logix controller on a different network from the PC where TOP Server is installed - for details on formatting the Device ID for ethernet-to-ethernet routing, click here.

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The demo is the full product once licensed. Once a client application connects to the  TOP Server, the TOP Server runtime will operate for 2 hours at a time. At the end of the 2 hour demo period, the demo timer must be reset by restarting the TOP Server runtime service.

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