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DF1 Serial Key Features Include

  • Maximum Number of Channels & Devices: 
    • Channels - 100
    • Devices per Channel - 256
    • COM Port Range - 1 to 256
  • Automatic Tag Database Generation using CSV Import to build your tag configuration quickly
  • Advanced Error Handling to ensure data integrity
  • Modem Support
    • Automatic Dial Configuration
    • Multiple Phone Number Management
  • Ethernet Encapsulation Support

Standard DF1 Serial Features Include

  • Open Address Range Support for Compatibility with all PLC 5, SLC 5/05 and MicroLogix controllers
  • Array Addressing Support
  • Supports all File Types (Output/Input/Integer/Etc.) - Refer to Driver Help File
  • Supports data types such as Float, Long Word, and BCD (File Type Dependant)
    • MicroLogix/SLC Models:  Supports Float Access to Integer (N) Files
  • Configurable Error Checking (CRC or BCC)
  • Tag configuration supports dynamic tags from your client application

DF1 Serial Driver Advanced Features Include

  • User Definable Request Size
  • Configurable Inter-request delay
  • Adjustable RTS Flow timing for Radio Modem communications
  • Special Radio Modem protocol support designed for optimal throughput when using Radio Modems
  • Configurable Slave Re-Poll Delay for improved Half-Duplex communications with slow devices
  • Specify a Network Interface Card at the channel level when using Ethernet Encapsulation
  • SLC I/O Slot Configuration for Accessing Modular I/O with extensive list of pre-defined I/O Modules including Generic module for ultimate flexibility
  • Supports complex function blocks in the MicroLogix 1200/1500 PLCs
  • Supports the USB-based DF1 to DH Plus Converter: Allen-Bradley Catalog Number 1784-U2DHP
    • Device must also support 1784-U2DHP

DF1 Serial Supported Devices

  • MicroLogix 1000, MicroLogix 1100, MicroLogix 1200, MicroLogix 1400, MicroLogix 1500
  • PLC5/10, PLC5/15, PLC5/20, PLC5/20E, PLC5/25, PLC5/30, PLC5/40, PLC5/40E, PLC5/60, PLC5/80, PLC5/80E
  • SLC5/03, SLC5/04, SLC5/05
  • KF2 & KF3 modules
  • 1784-U2DHP DF1 to DH+ Converter 

For full details on models and networks supported visit the AB Suite Supported Devices page and consult the driver help file.

DF1 Serial Supported Protocols / Networks

  • Allen-Bradley DF1 Full-Duplex
  • Allen-Bradley DF1 Half-Duplex
  • Allen-Bradley DF1 Radio Modem (Point-to-Point or Multi-Drop)
  • RS-232 Serial Point-to-Point (Full-Duplex)
  • RS-422/485 Multi-Drop (Half-Duplex)
  • Serial Radio Modem (Half-Duplex or Radio Modem Protocol)
  • DH+ (via KF2 Module - DF1-to-DH+ Converter)
  • DH+ (via USB DF1-to-DH+ Converter 1784-U2DHP)
  • DH-485 (via KF3 Module - DF1-to-DH-485 Converter)
  • Ethernet Encapsulated Serial

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