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TOP Server ODBC DataLogger Key Features Include

  • Store-and-Forward support - buffers data locally while database is unavailable to prevent data loss
  • Support for any ODBC-compliant database management system
  • User-friendly configuration and drag-and-drop support for adding OPC data item (tags)
  • Flexible triggering
  • Includes the Simulator driver
  • Supports deadband for logged items
  • Supports an optional NumericID field for logged items
  • Ability to use Start/Stop snapshots without requiring the "Log on Static Interval" or "Log on data Change Trigger" behaviors to be enabled
  • Provides an _LogDataBit system tag that client applications can utilize to trigger data logging

ODBC DataLogger Plug-In Advanced Features Include

    • Runs as a Windows Service
    • Scalability through support of multiple concurrent logging processes (threads)
    • Supports both automatic table creation and the ability to append data to an existing table
    • Direct data logging from local item list - no reliance on external OPC Servers
    • Error recovery - auto reconnect if a DSN connection is lost
    • Optional automatic configuration backup - most recent copy of configuration file is saved
    • Supports static device tags or device address references (dynamic tags)
    • Support for logging Complex tags from Advanced Tags plug-in
    • Supports JSON import/export for logged items
    • Support for optional programmatic configuration via RESTful API

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