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Torque Tool Ethernet Key Features Include

  • Maximum Number of Channels & Devices: 
    • Channels - 1024 (V6.14 & higher, older versions 256)
    • Devices per Channel - 1024
    • NOTE: Practical channel/device limits will vary depending on your available system resources and communications architecture
  • Compatible with the most popular Torque Tool devices
  • Supports a wide variety of revisions of the Torque Tool Open Protocol
  • Support for the Open Protocol model or the Ford Ethernet Protocol
  • Supports Alarm, Auto-Disable Settings, Flash, Identifiers, Job Info, Job Number Data, Job Data, Last Tightening Results, Multi Spindle Results, Old Tightening Results, Operation Results, Parameter Set Data, Parameter Set Numbers, Parameter Set Selected, Selector Messages, Time, Tool Data and VIN command sets

Standard Torque Tool Ethernet Features Include

Torque Tool Ethernet Advanced Features Include

  • Supports unsolicited data on specific command sets
  • Supports Disable Tool On Last Tightening Result
  • MIDs (Message IDs) supported by the Torque Tool Ethernet driver are regularly updated. See the driver PDF help or installed help for latest list
    • A flag for NEWDATA is available for MID 1201 / 1202 tightening updates - the NEWDATA flag is set to True (1) when MID 1201 is received and is reset to 0 upon any client write of any value to the tag.
    • MID61 (including revision 998) & MID65, including OTR_NEWDATA support added in V6.16 & higher 
    • Support for MID140 for execution of dynamic job requests (V6.14 and higher)
  • Optimized communications allow each device to have a separate thread/channel of communications (up to 1024 with V6.14 and higher, and 256 on older versions)
  • User-selectable socket connection termination on device response timeout
  • Specify a Network Interface Card at the channel level (Details)

Supported Devices Include (Don't See Your Device Listed? Contact Us)

  • Any Device Supporting Torque Tool Open Protocol or Ford Ethernet Protocol (FEP)
  • Atlas Copco MicroTorque Focus 6000
  • Atlas Copco Power Focus 3000
  • Atlas Copco Power Focus 3100
  • Atlas Copco Power Focus 4000
  • Atlas Copco Power Focus 6000
  • Stanley QPM Nutrunners E Series
  • Stanley QPM Nutrunners EA Series

Supported Protocols / Networks

  • Protocols:
    • Ford Ethernet Protocol (FEP)
    • Torque Tool Open Ethernet
  • Networks:
    • TCP/IP Ethernet

Available Languages

  • English

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