Cogent DataHub® - Integrate OPC, Databases, MQTT, Historians, Modbus, Excel & More 

Securely move & integrate data in real-time without exposing your network

Cogent DataHub ("DataHub") is a modular, configurable software application built from the ground up to be real-time middleware for industrial automation. The multiple ways to consume, organize, and deliver data securely empowers an endless array of solutions without writing custom software applications. 

DataHub's unique technology implementations for secure data transport through firewalls, DMZs, and proxy servers enable operations technology (OT) staff to collaborate with their IT & cybersecurity teams without exposing the network or taking risks associated with traditional solutions. 

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Microsoft DCOM Hardening Has Arrived - Modernize Now DataHub OPC Gateway Converts OPC DA to UA or UA to DA, and DataHub Secure Tunneling eliminates DCOM in OPC DA to DA connections. Modernize and end headaches.




  • Overview
  • IoT and OPC Gateways
  • MQTT Client, Broker Integration
  • OPC DA, UA, A&C, A&E Integration
  • Aggregation
  • Redundancy
  • Secure OPC & Data Tunneling
  • OPC/Data Bridging
  • Database & Historian Integration
  • Alarms & Notifications
  • Skkynet Azure DataHub & Skkyhub
  • Modbus Integration
  • Excel Integration
  • Configuration & Security
  • System Health Monitoring
  • DataHub WebView
  • Browse All Features

Power, Choice & Room to Grow, But Flexibility to Only Pay for What You Need

  • Solutions for as little as $1200-3000 and get results and benefits in hours or days vs how long for custom software solutions?
  • Designed for speed by developers that are passionate about performance. 
  • Applications in the field with over 2,000,000 tags in a single DataHub instance
  • Tested to be able to move up to 100,000 data changes per second at minimal added latency. 
  • Licensing based on what features you need
  • Competitively priced solution packs combine common features, and then you can add other features when you want to expand how you use the tool. 

Use the tabs at the left to explore the capabilities of DataHub in more depth and if you have questions, click the chat button at the bottom of this page, or contact us.



Bringing Together Different Protocols and Systems 

The OPC standards have been a key part of data integration in the Industrial Automation space since 1995 but when you say "my software uses OPC" there's more to it than that because of the many problems OPC solves. Add IoT solutions involving MQTT, Azure, Amazon, Google, JSON data, SparkplugB, and others, and your business' thirst for answers from your data.

The DataHub OPC Gateway and IoT Gateway Packs make it easy to integrate different OPC and IoT Standards 



OPC Gateway

IoT Gateway

Smart MQTT Integration with OPC & More


DataHub provides smart MQTT client & MQTT broker functionality with SparkplugB support (V10+) that is tightly and automatically integrated with OPC interfaces so that once you bring data into DataHub, from any source, it can be used with MQTT.

The smart capabilities overcome the many important details involved in using MQTT in industrial control and SCADA applications, especially in larger systems with multiple SCADA nodes, device types and more.  For example, in V10 and newer, the SparkplugB support automatically creates DataHub tags from SparkplugB topics and the data they provide, without any complicated parsing required. 


Learn More MQTT Client

Learn More MQTT Broker

Other Resources

Learn how DataHub's MQTT Solution Improves Security 

Free DataHub Transforming MQTT to OPC and OPC to MQTT Virtual Training

Integrating OPC natively with other standards

Datahub-OPC-Interfaces-UA-Config-Shown-275hWhere some solutions require you to buy multiple standalone products and connect them together yourself, or do extra steps to make data available to other standards like MQTT, once you connect DataHub to an OPC data source, the data is just that, data, and it's automatically available to the full DataHub feature set. 

  • OPC Data Access (DA) Classic Client & Server
  • OPC Alarm & Events (A&E) Classic Client & Server
  • OPC UA
    • Client & Server
    • Alarm & Conditions Client & Server
    • OPC UA connection wizard 
    • OPC UA Certificate Manager
    • OPC UA Discovery Server included 




Bringing Data Together Your Way


DataHub helps you gather data from multiple sources and present it to client programs as a single, unified data set, in a structure that you define as you build your connections.  A single connection to the DataHub gives you access to data from all connected OPC, MQTT, Excel, Modbus, DDE and TCP sources, but also data from Historians and ODBC databases and data entered through web interfaces

Aggregating data brings several benefits

  • Reduce load on data sources when multiple clients need the same data 
  • Protect control networks and data sources by controlling data collection rates in the DataHub vs from the clients (Case study)
  • Some client applications require licenses for each data source you connect to - make DataHub that one data source and reduce your licensing costs for other applications. 
  • Combine data from different sources into namespaces/folders that group data by system, site, etc vs source


Flexible, Native OPC UA & DA Redundancy and More

DataHub-Redundancy-Dual-Sources-450wOnly DataHub provides you all this for your redundancy needs:
  • Redundancy for OPC UA, DA, A&E, UA A&C, MQTT and More
  • Native OPC UA redundancy that preserves hierarchy and namespace, a DataHub exclusive!
  • Variety of architectures supported from simple to complex, including proxy and DMZ friendly secure data tunneling redundancy 
  • Multi-client redundant architectures supported 
  • Flexible trigger conditions


Get Data Where You Need It, Securely

DataHub tunneling moves any data that you can get into the product, between sites, locations, even without opening firewall ports on control and business networks, working with proxies and DMZs. 

  • Connect OPC clients & servers over networks, without DCOM
  • Move any data over the tunnel, not just OPC 
  • Control whether tunnel endpoints are read-only or read-write
  • Define level of security required for each tunnel connection
  • Tunnel just the data, not OPC commands, for high performance and resilience
  • Automatically resume connectivity when networks come back, unlike DCOM! 
  • Know the network is down through data quality indicators 
  • Single user configurable TCP port connections, encrypted and password protected 
  • Tunnel OPC, MQTT, Modbus, Excel, Database data and more 




Other Resources

Whitepaper: Why Use Tunneling?

Whitepaper: Considerations in Choosing a Tunneler

Data Bridging - Connecting Different Systems, Standards, Technologies

Because all data becomes "just data" once in DataHub, in the namespaces/hierarchy that you setup, you can then use DataHub's Bridging feature to move data between any systems. 

  • Create connections between any DataHub points, not just OPC between OPC servers
  • Integrate data between different PLC/control hardware 
  • Bridge and tunnel using the DataHub tunneling feature, to connect systems across networks, without using DCOM
  • Bridge between multiple data sources
  • Point-and-click user interface
  • Linear & Scriptable transformations
  • Multi-threaded, so any one external system that goes offline doesn't necessarily slow down bridges between active systems
  • By adding the Modbus TCP option to your DataHub license, you can directly connect to Modbus Ethernet (TCP) data sources and bridge them to OPC UA and other destinations. 


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Integrate with Databases and Historians

Just like OPC data, data from databases and historians is data that can be used in the DataHub. Tunneled, scripted, bridged, and more. Store & forward capabilities built-in.


Read or write data from any ODBC capable and compliant database, including but not limited to

  • Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Express
  • MySQL
  • Oracle

Historians (DataHub V10+) - native connections to

  • InfluxDB OSS, Enterprise, and Cloud V1 & V2
  • AVEVA Insight
  • AVEVA Historian
  • OSISoft Pi
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Historians supporting REST client connections



Generate Alarms, Notify Users, or Integrate via OPC A&E or OPC UA A&C

DataHub-Email-SMS-OPC-SourcesEmail/SMS notifications
  • Send emails with embedded data & reports
  • Send SMS messages via Email/SMS gateways or email via cellular provider
  • Trigger off of any data you can get into DataHub


Alarms & Notifications (v10+)


  • Alarm Generation (V10+)
  • Alarm Lifecycle Management
  • Aggregation
  • Collection Redundancy
  • Secure Alarm Tunneling



Unsure Which Feature you Need?  Learn how to choose between DataHub Email/SMS and Alarms/Notifications features

Notifications & Integration with OPC A&E and UA A&C

  • OPC A&E Client and Server
  • OPC UA Alarms & Conditions Client and Server


Skkynet DataHub Azure Service

Securely integrating production data with Azure has never been easier than with the Skkynet DataHub Azure Service. Although you've always been able to license a DataHub instance and run it in an Azure Virtual Server instance, it's likely that is not very cost effective.  The Microsoft Azure Managed Service Skkynet DataHub complements and works with your premise hosted DataHub instances and in a pricing model that is consistent with other Azure applications. An optimized version of DataHub can be used as a service in your Azure account to receive data from local/premise hosted DataHub instances for IT/OT integration, centralized historians, cloud historian and SCADA integration, analytics, AI and more.  Integrate with the over 3,000 Azure partner apps.

Learn More

SkkyHub Secure Data Relay in the Cloud 

The Skkyhub Service provides a secure cloud relay or proxy for streaming your data that doesn't require any open inbound firewall ports on either side of the connection for Secure IT to OT or Plant or Interplant Networking or Remote Monitoring


Learn More

Connecting Modbus TCP Devices

Modbus, the well known, pervasive communications protocol found in thousands of control devices, can be directly integrated into DataHub.



The DataHub Modbus TCP feature is available with an OPC DA or UA server interface, or can be added on to any other DataHub product pack.

Other applications include Modbus to MQTT conversion, Modbus datalogging, Secure encrypted Modbus data tunneling, Modbus to Excel integration and more. 


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Securely Move Excel Data Anywhere

excel-connect-diagramMicrosoft Excel is known by everyone as a tool for data analysis, and nearly everyone has it on their work computer. 

But getting data from your control system into Excel in something other than a CSV export file isn't fun. Sure you can use DDE, and DataHub can use DDE to connect any data to Excel.  DDE is a legacy technology which is why we came up with a better way.

The DataHub Vine Plug-In is a native Excel add-in that brings real-time and bi-directional data sharing to your spreadsheets. 

  • Connect any worksheet to DataHub and see live updates
  • Data refreshed when spreadsheet opened next
  • Share Excel analysis results back to DataHub and on to your control systems
  • Integrate Excel with OPC & Modbus 
  • Send Email notifications from DataHub based on changes in the Excel worksheet




Free Configuration & Monitoring Tools & Extensive Security

DataHub-Configuration-LocalDataHub configuration tools are included free with every DataHub Solutions Pack and are built into the application.

  • Local configuration
  • Secure Remote Configuration 
  • Configuration Import (V10+)
  • Data Monitoring
  • Event Monitoring/Logging
  • Connection Viewer & Diagnostics 



DataHub-Remote-Config-Security-450hSecurity is built into all DataHub systems and provides the means to control who connects to interfaces, who can configure the DataHub, and more. 

DataHub's secure data tunneling capability that is firewall, DMZ, & proxy friendly and supports configurations that can even move any data you can get into DataHub without open firewall ports is a key differentiating strength. 


Integrating System Health with Control Systems

You depend on your servers and computers to manage, monitor, and control your process, but are you keeping an eye on their health? 


The DataHub System Monitor Pack

  • Reads any Windows performance counter on the same system that DataHub is running on 
  • Includes the Datahub Quick Trend to view values over time
  • Can restart processes that stop running, using the built-in, included, DataHub Scripting engine
  • Can be integrated with the rest of your systems by adding OPC server, MQTT, or other interfaces as DataHub add-ons
  • Can send alerts with the optional Email/SMS feature
  • Can integrate multiple systems and aggregate data by using DataHub tunneling


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Data Visualization

DataHub WebView ExampleDataHub WebView provides the ability to launch an application from DataHub on other systems and get a rich user experience for delivering real-time data displays.  

When you purchase the DataHub WebView Pack you get

  • WebView application for building and displaying screens
  • Unlimited WebView Client Connections
  • DataHub Web Server
  • Local historian
  • OPC DA or OPC UA support or both - your choice
  • Tunneling & Mirroring
  • Aggregation
  • DataHub Quick Trend
  • Scripting
  • Security 

WebView can also be added to any existing DataHub license. 




  • VIDEOS & Training
  • Operating System Support
  • Documentation & Release Notes
  • Scripting Engine Examples

Video-Tutorial-OPCUA-DALearn by watching and doing

The best way to learn something is to do it and have someone else whose done it that you can watch. 

To support that, we offer a free fully functioning trial of DataHub but also an extensive library of videos with a combination of on-demand training, short how-to's, and deeper dives 

Video Library

DataHub works on these operating systems

Cogent DataHub is available as a 32-bit or 64-bit application. The 64-bit version download is available upon request.

  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2008, 2008R2
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1 and 8.1 Embedded
  • Windows 7 (excluding Home Edition)

Detailed Specifications

Access the Detailed Documentation & Resources

In addition to our video library, the DataHub documentation is installed with the product and is available in our knowledgebase

Documentation (PDF)

Release Notes History

Technical Blog

Visit Knowledgebase

Jump Starts for DataHub Scripting

DataHub-Scripting-Example-Script-350wThe powerful DataHub scripting engine lets you accomplish a wide range of very unique results for your applications. Why write custom code when you can use off-the-shelf software and the built in scripting engine for that final percentage of the requirements. 

Check out the case study for an inspiring solution one user implemented.

Case Study

Scripting Library

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Using DataHub in our client's milling control system migration application saved us 30 days of downtime which was worth $21 million in production to them

- Rudi Van Der Merwe, Motiontronix

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